A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Customize a WooCommerce Shop Page

If you’re looking to customize the look of your WooCommerce shop page, you’re in luck. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process step by step. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to create a unique and stylish shop page that reflects your brand. So let’s get started!

Login to your WordPress account and go to the Dashboard.

Login to your WordPress account and get ready to transform your WooCommerce shop page! After logging in, you will be directed to the Dashboard menu where all of your tools lie. From there, follow a few simple steps and learn how to customize the design and structure within your WooCommerce shop page. Once you’re done, feel free to explore the world of WordPress plugins – you may be surprised by what you can do with them!

Hover over the “Appearance” tab and click on “Editor.”

It’s time to customize your WooCommerce shop page! To get started, head over to the dashboard of your store and hover over the “Appearance” tab. From there, you can click on “Editor” which allows for easy editing of various files associated with the store. After clicking on the “Editor,” you’ll be presented with a detailed editor interface that makes customizing your shop page a breeze. Get creative with it and have fun!

Locate the “Theme Functions (functions.php)” file on the right-hand side and click to open it.

Once you are in the functions.php of your editor, you’ll be able to find the various features of your WooCommerce shop page. You can customize your shop page by adding snippets of code to the editor; however, it is important to be aware of how these changes will impact any other components that may be dependent on this file. Make sure you have a good understanding of the implications before you make any major edits.

Scroll down to the very bottom of the file and add the following code:

After scrolling down to the end of the file, you’ll need to add a few lines of code that will make all the difference. These few lines will give you full control over your WooCommerce shop page and allow you to customize it precisely to your needs. Take the time to study each line of code carefully and add them one by one – you won’t regret spending a bit of extra time here. By following this tutorial step-by-step, you’ll be assured of a fully customized WooCommerce shop page in no time!


By following the steps outlined in our tutorial, you should now have successfully customized your WooCommerce shop page. It is important to remember that regardless of the details, any changes made to your functions file should be done with caution and tested thoroughly in a safe environment first. If you do encounter any problems or errors, it’s always best to seek guidance from a specialist before proceeding. Now that you know the basics for customizing your WooCommerce shop page, it’s time to get creative and explore the many options available to make your online store reach its full potential!

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