New Structured Data Markup for Educational Videos

New Structured Data Markup for Educational Videos

New York | November 20, 2023 – Google has rolled out enhancements for discovering educational videos, introducing a new structured data markup to elevate the search experience.

Now, publishers can enrich their videos with metadata, specifying the educational level, covered topics, and skills highlighted in these educational resources.

This refined structured data empowers Google Search to better comprehend video content, delivering users more pertinent results. Videos embedded with these attributes may showcase detailed snippets in search outcomes, revealing the intended educational level and video type, such as “overview” or “solution.”

These enhanced educational video outcomes are currently accessible in English via Google Search worldwide, both on desktop and mobile, appearing for inquiries related to educational content and learning.

Implementing Structured Data is a universal method of categorizing webpage content. For websites employing content management systems (CMSs), publishers can seamlessly incorporate structured data plugins to apply markup. Meanwhile, those using JavaScript-based sites can generate metadata via code.

Google advises publishers to adhere to certain best practices. Include requisite properties relevant to the video format. Validate the markup using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. Deploy multiple pages integrating the new structured data. Submit a sitemap to notify Google of the changes made.

Technical Requirements The technical requisites encompass:

  • Minimum video duration of 30 seconds.
  • Publicly accessible videos without requiring login or subscription.
  • Structured data must be present on the page where users can directly view the video.

Videos must be readily accessible without restrictions like subscriptions or logins. They need to be publicly viewable for Google to comprehend and index the content accurately. Specifically, the structured data must be added to the page where users can promptly watch the entire video. Redirecting users elsewhere for viewing might result in a subpar experience.

Benefits for Search & Users

The learning video markup empowers search engines to comprehend crucial educational details, including covered topics and targeted grade levels. This capability enables search engines to furnish results closely aligned with the educational intent behind users’ search queries.

For users, glimpsing educational levels, covered concepts, video styles, and other metadata in search results assists in determining which videos align with their requirements, minimizing the need to view each video individually.

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